Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nitaqat , a dilemma for immigrants in gulf

For years, people for developing and under developed countries have been going to gulf countries for finding jobs and making their ends meet. This mainly consists of Expatriates and unskilled labourers. But now with the new policy of GCC and Saudi Arabia it might be difficult for people to work in gulf countries.

Few months ago, Saudi Arabia ‘s new policy named Nitaqat meaning  naturalisation which aims at providing work to its own national rather than others. According to the policy, each firm needs to employ a fixed percentage (10%) of Saudi nations. Not only this, the government has also fixed a 3000 Riyals per month salary for such employees. This is a great set back to the economy of small scale firms who use to employee people from Asia and other undeveloped countries at cheaper rates of 900- 1000 Riyals.  Though the step is to generate employment for their own people and is a result of internal politics , some people are seeing this as a step to restrict the number of immigrants coming to the country.

Likewise GCC members Bahrain, The Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE  have also planned to implement a policy, according to which all those people who either are not working anywhere or does not possess the skills that they claim will be shipped back to their native places. This step has created a lot of unrest among the people working there and their families back at home.

A large number of people travel from India to the Gulf countries seeking jobs .Most of them are uneducated or unskilled .These people are the one facing huge crisis. Lakhs of people will be transferred back and they will have to find jobs in their own countries. With countries like India, where people aspire from the stories of  Industrialist like Dhirubhai Ambani ( who worked in Yemen , saved money  returned back and established the business which is today India’s biggest firms), it’s like shattering of dreams.  I guess people have to find some other place to work.

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