Monday, April 15, 2013

Color Coding Of Ethernet wires (CAT Cables )

Color coding of the ethernet wires ( CAT series) is one of the most important things and if configured incorrectly ,the connectivity will be  damaged . So be carefully before doing any experiment on your RJ45 connector wiring in home.

The image below is self explanatory.

Color Coding OF ethernet wires

In the Diagram Above , you can see few acronyms .I will try to explain a few in this blog.
RJ 45 is a connector to CAT series wires ( CAT 1, CAT 2, ..and so on ). CAT wires are  differential two wire bus with line 1/A and 2/B also often labeled as: A: "-", "TxD-/RxD-" meaning "inverting pin" while the other 
 B: "+" "TxD/RxD" meaning  "non-inverting pin"
RX - is Base Voltage  while RX + being the reverse of it . So by examine RX+  you can say does RX+ = RX-  then zero 
otherwise if RX+ is  greater than  , then  RX- then one..

The Ethernet patch Cable is having same colored wires being attached to each other , while the Ethernet Crossover Cable is having different connectivity . this is basic because  patch Cable is used to as an elongator while Crossover Cable is being used to transfer bits to different machines . The latter also provides encapsulations yo the bits being transferred , thereby preventing bit - error and security. 


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