Friday, April 12, 2013

OSI Layers

In the last blog , we saw what the OSI Layers .Now its time to see what each layer is ,in short

A) Application Layer-It is employed in software packages which implement client-server software. When an application on one computer starts communicating with another computer, then the Application layer is used.

B) Presentation Layer-This provides function call exchange between host operating systems and software layers. Mostly dealing with compression ,encryption and decryption

C) Session Layer-The Session layer defines how data conversations are started, controlled and finished. It allows to create dialog between the systems  .

D) Transport Layer -  Ordering and reassembling of packets that may have been broken up to travel across certain media. It guaranties that the packet reached the destination successfully.

E) Network Layer- Mostly, the routing of packets is done here. Responsible for the delivery of packets end to end and implements a logical addressing scheme to help accomplish this.

F) Data Link Layer - Its divides the packet into frames and provide error correction by adding a trailer bit to the frame.

G) Physical Layer--This layer deals with the physical aspects of the media being used to transmit the data. Deals with the conversion of data bits into electric signals , their transmission and synchronization .

This can be easily memorized by 

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