Friday, April 19, 2013

High Density Resolution Imaging ( HDR) , Now in cell phones also

Yesterday, my friend bought a cell phone , which had this amazing feature of HDR mode in camera. HDR is high density resolution imaging hence acronym HDRI or HDR. This radical technology is used to capture images with high variation of contrast, brighter and darker sections in the same photo. The desire for such mechanism has been long recognized .Even CS2 introduce the merge to HDR function in 2005. With this technique now even a novice photographer can take  life like pictures without even turning the exposure setting . If you feel like having softwares to do that , you can some in net .Like 

are two such stand alone softwares but they might not be free and u will have to pay for them.

 In normal mode, camera takes only one image at a particular aperture mode, so it might lose the detailing of the darker and brighter section. IN HDR mode, the camera takes multiple images of different exposure levels. Then combine them together maintaining more details of the scene and making it more real like. The main goal is to make electronic picture have more color range and dynamic as our human eye see them. The HDRi data format is a 64bit (color) or 32bit (greyscale) data format for saving RAW data of HDR scans, hence the quality.

The picture below is taken inside a shop with glass windows , with a cell phone . Due to sunshine when picture is taken without HDR mode, it appears picture 1. But when the same image is taken with HDR mode, see the difference in it. You can see through the glass (cars and some people).

Picture 1 without HDR Technique

Picture 2 with HDR Technique

 It works well for the pictures where a source of light is between you and your picture .Like while capturing skyline or horizon. It’s great to see cell phone manufactures taking camera quality in their phones to next level.

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