Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eco feminism and Piplantri

Eco feminism, I came across the word while I going through an article in THE HINDU  and thought of sharing the  piece with you all, in my words . Piplantri a village or guan in Rajasthan (arid region of India) has done a remarkable job in establishing Eco feminism. 

For village, Rajasthan which has poor child sex ratio, to promote Eco feminism is itself appreciable. In this village when were a girl child is born they plant 111 trees   and  amount Rs 31,000 or say $620 is given to their parents  ,with an agreement that this will be given to their daughter after she attains 18 years of age. It’s not only increasing the number of trees in the desert area of Rajasthan but also improving the sex ratio, eradicating the female foeticide.

Till now around quarter million trees have been planted .This is all due to the pressing attitude of the village head, Sarpanch who lost his loving daughter. These people are not only planting trees, but also taking care of them. They have planted around two million + aloe Vera shrubs, to prevent the termite attack on the trees.

If one village can do it why can't all of us. Just think , if even half of us get inspired and another half follow it , earth would be a much greener and better place to live. This is also improving the social structure of the area as the number of girls are increasing ( I am being biased by assuming that women are better , those who don't agree with me just ignore it ). 

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